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On Oct. 16, 2010 I gave my first Clinic at Jackson Ranch in San Diego. Margret Jackson provided a great BBQ cook out, complete with camp fire, coffee and drinks.


We had about a dozen people audit and a total of 7 riders participate, plus one horse to be ridden afterwards.

The riders were of different skill levels and ages, even disciplines, yet every one of them walked away with specific things to work on to improve their basic seat and thus harmonious communication with their horse.


The energy and enthusiasm were so high, that the lessons all lasted well over an hour per groups of 2, 3 and 2 riders. Riders expressed their thanks for learning such simple aids and ways to improve and were amazed that, even having taken lessons and clinics elsewhere for many years before, they haven't been taught these basics yet. What better testimonials could a instructor ever ask for?


They all hope to have me come back on a monthly basis! Weather and scheduling permitted I am looking forward to doing so.


I'd like to express my thanks to Margret for setting this all up, she worked very hard and helped make it a pleasant experience for all, riders and non-riders alike.

Our 2nd Clinic at Jackson's Ranch

was another successful and fun day.

On Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 we had a gathering of 5 riders and numerous spectators, all reaping the benefits of a classical approach to horse back riding instructions.

Within an hours time the riders learned to experience an effortless way of communicating with their horses, rather than trying to force their aids upon them.

In a fun, relaxed, yet highly productive atmosphere, the riders learned to work with the natural bio-mechanics of their horses a and their own bodies. What a joy it was to see their horses react without resistance, relaxing under their seats and soft, giving rein aids.


Schedule your Clinic at the location of your choice today, riders of up to 2nd level welcomed, higher level riders in need of returning to basic seat corrections encouraged to attend as well.