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Welcome to Classical Riding Lessons, 

European Style -

where learning is fun and challenging

Riding lessons for children and adults, 

Beginners thru intermediate riders, 

Riding instructions for kids ages 6 and up


Working Equitation, a combination of dressage and mastery of obstacles


Rehabilitation after lay up


Longe lessons for the beginners, seat corrections for the advanced


School horses available

Will come to your facility within reasonable driving distance from my home



Riding Instructions - ClinicsShow coaching


Experience with gaited horses as well, particularly Foxtrotters and Icelandics


Dressage and Working Equitation, are my preferred disciplines, yet the basics are the same in any. 

Thank you for visiting European Riding Academy.


We specialize on the basics, following the Classical Training Pyramid, making riding lessons fun, yet challenging through specific and detailed riding instructions based on the needs of each individual. 


"Only a relaxed horse and rider can learn"


"Trust and Respect is a 2 way street, lack of trust equals fear"


"The gentler and softer the aids, the better the rider and horse team"


"As gentle as possible, yet as firm as necessary"


"Effortless, like dancing in harmony, and willing cooperation, now that's an enjoyable ride"