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Jackson County, Medford, OR
Marie, Swedish Gothland
Marie is worth her weight in gold! Absolutely the best lesson pony, ever! She gauges her behavior to the skill level of her rider, walking like on egg shells with true beginners, moving out  more for more advanced riders. Once off the longe line, the little riders have to learn to become assertive and applying their aides correctly, otherwise this smart pony will turn left, instead of right. She is great over obstacles as well. Wonderful all around pony. 
Red, QH/TB
Red loves to roll and enjoys all the loving he gets before, during and after his lessons. He has a great work attitude and is a joy all the way around. Thank you Sandra for allowing Red to teach a few more students how to become better riders. 
Roxy, QH
Our newest addition to the lesson program. This beautiful and smart mare has done it all with her young owner, who is now off to college. Her riders LOVE to ride her bareback, which is the best way to learn how to feel how the horse moves and to keep one independent balance. We feel very blessed to have her.