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Michaela first started riding Marie as a 6 year old. She is now 10 and still loves riding Marie :-) 
Leah also started as a 6 year old and still loves to ride Marie some 5 years later :-) 
happy and a little tiered after a great lesson 
Once a basic, independent seat is established in all three gaits, the rider gets to chose between private, semi-private or even group lessons. (Depending on scheduling)

All beginners start safely on a longe line, which allows the rider to focus on gaining a balanced seat, and applying aids without having to worry about controlling the horse just yet.

Longe line lessons are also an excellent tool for advanced riders to work on seat corrections and affirmations. As well as overcoming fear restrictions after an accident or a longer break in riding.

Riders of ages 6 and up are encouraged to take lessons.

Beginners through 2nd level Dressage will profit from the Classical approach to an independent seat.

Even higher level riders profit from seat corrections on a longe line, and "a back to the basics approach" for training.

Dressage, and a well-balanced seat is the basics for any discipline, be it jumping, eventing, gaited or Western disciplines.

The lessons are highly educational, yet fun, in a safe environment.